Artist Kevin S. Diah:

Born in Nassau, Bahamas in 1958, Kevin came to the US awhile ago and is a naturalized US Citizen.  He lives and paints in Broward County, Florida.  He has been a part of the very active and growing artist community in South Florida.  His first art lesson was at the age of 5 and he loved it.  He began developing his innate artist talent right from the get-go.

Although Kevin has done many forms of painting, he has created two collections of colorful marker on fabric limited edition wall hangings that are one-of-a-kind.  Kevin also offers tshirts and posters of the various works of art so fans can also possess his work.


About the Art

Artist Diah is completely self taught and is presenting working in waterproof markers on cotton fabric wall hangings.  Both drawings and designs are all original.  What Kevin loves about this art form, and painting in general, is being in complete control from concept to completion.  He “loves” making mistakes, as this is how he has evolved as an artist.  He learns more from his mistakes than anything else.

The Limited Editions are painting on fabric an are one of a kind.  The posters are prints of his works, as are the tshirts.  All products are available for purchase on the website.

Kevin is a prolific artist and does paint every day of his life.  He makes time for friends and family but always returns to his first love:  art.

Artist Diah is also available for private and custom commission work.